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Kate A. Krueger
Scottsdale, AZ 85257~  (480) 874-1383 ~

Updated: October 11, 2008

Director, TNT Defensive Training (1991-Current)


NRA Smith & Wesson Academy
Home Firearms Safety Police Pistol
Pistol Police Revolver
Rifle Police Shotgun
Personal Protection Monadnock

Persuader / Kubotan Instructor
Weapon Retention Instructor Martial Arts

Isshin Ryu Karate Instructor
State of Arizona
DPS Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Instructor  Gunsite Training Center
DPS Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW)Renewal Instructor  Tactical Pistol Instructor

Director / Instructor - T'n'T (Tugs 'n' Thugs) Defensive Training - Contracts out to companies, schools and organizations to teach armed and unarmed self defense. These courses are designed to train people with little or no experience in defensive techniques or tactical shooting. These courses are done on a group or individual basis. They cover issues like preventative defensive measures, alternatives to firearms for defense, tactical defense and where appropriate the care, safe handling and safe storage of firearms. (1991-Current)

Instructor - Lethal Force Institute - Concord, New Hampshire - This position includes co-instructing, one-on-one coaching, range officering and maintaining a safe environment for students and staff of LFI. As instructors we are required to demonstrate the use, care and safe handling of various firearms on a regular basis, give demonstrations in tactics, unarmed defense and general shooting skills.

Instructor / Range Officer for Gun Owner's of New Hampshire, Inc. annual Legislative Shoot. This event is held so that our elected representatives get the opportunity to actually learn how to shoot the firearms that they will be hearing about in the House and Senate. This gives them the ability to make an educated vote on guns issues.

Co-owner / Instructor - River Road Karate - Bow, New Hampshire - This school offered training in Isshin-Ryu style karate. The curriculum included philosophy, kata's, self defense, sparring techniques and general training in the history and form of Isshin-Ryu (1989-1992).


Owner / Operator Derby Guns (2005 - Present) - This opportunity  included the sale of firearms, accessories, ammunition and the promotion of safe gun handling and various training courses for gun enthusiasts.

Vice President - Pioneer Sportsmen, Inc. (1994 - 10/1996)- This position included the promotion of new members, upkeep of membership database, promoter of new events, etc.

Discipline Chairperson / Pin Shooting - Pioneer Sportsmen, Inc. (1993 - 1996) - This position encompassed the general organization, administrative setup and physical running of all the Pin shooting events for the club. This included the two largest pin shoots run in the State of New Hampshire; the "Rolling Thunder" and the "NH State Pin Shoot". These events brought in a sizeable income for Pioneer each year.



Smith & Wesson Academy Police Firearms Instructor


  • 80 hours - Springfield, Massachusetts (only female civilian with this certification) Graduated top of class - certified in the use, care, handling, tactics and instruction with pistol, revolver and shotgun.

  • 40 hours - Springfield, Massachusetts - Re-certification course.  This course covered new training techniques in drawing, the use of cover, general tactics and shooting on the move.  This was all combined with todays legal issues.

National Rifle Association

  • Firearms Instructor - Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection
  • Basic Pistol Marksmanship


  • Weapon Retention Instructor - 16 hours training & certification program
  • Persuader / Kubotan Instructor - 16 hours training & certification program
Isshin-Ryu Karate
  • Over 10 years of training. Achieved the rank of San Dan or 3rd Degree Black Belt.
Lethal Force Institute - Concord, New Hampshire, Director Massad Ayoob.
  • LFI I Judicious Use of Deadly Force/Defensive Shooting - 40 hours
  • LFI II Defensive Shooting - 40 hours
  • LFI III Defensive Shooting - 40 hours
  • LFI IV Advanced Tactical/Practical Defensive Shooting - approximately 70 hours
  • Kubotan - 4 hours
  • Kubotan Instructor - 16 hours
  • Weapon Retention - 10 hours
  • Weapon Retention Instructor - approximately 16 hours
Chapman Academy - Hallsville, Missouri, Director Ray Chapman
  • Advanced Pistol / Shotgun course - 40 hours. Achieved High Expert rating in pistol qualification and Master rating in shotgun. This course included 2 days of advanced shooting skills and 3 days of tactical scenarios using vehicles and house clearings in both pistol and shotgun.
Gunsite Training Center - Paulden, Arizona, Richard Gee
  • Special Advanced Tactical Pistol/Shotgun course - This course included 3 days pistol / 2 days shotgun / 1/2 day shoot off using various tactical scenarios.
  • Gunsite 250 Tactical Pistol - (Taken Off-hand) - This course is a five day basic pistol and tactical training course.  It is the pre-requisite course for most of the Gunsite courses available.
  • Law Enforcement Tactical Pistol Instructor Course - Gunsite, with its superb reputation for instruction, has set up this two day tactical pistol instructor training course. It includes class layout, how to run a high speed / low drag range safely and efficiently, testing, qualifications, presentations, and more.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute - Las Vegas, Nevada  

  • Two Day Defensive Handgun - This course was designed as a introduction to Defensive Handgun and the Front Sight facility.
  • Armorer Course for the Glock Series Pistol -  Glock Armorer  course designed for the beginner
Model Mugging of Boston - 25 hour full power defensive training

Second Chance Pin Shoot - Central Lake, Michigan.

  • High Women's Team 1995
  • 2nd Place Women's 1996
  • 3rd Place Winchester Shoot-off 1996
  • 4th Place Women's 1998
  • 3rd Place Mixed Doubles 1998
GLOCK Shoot - Various facilities around the country.
  • Top Women Shooter Overall 1995 & 1996 - Harvard, MA
  • 2nd Place Overall B Class 1996 - Harvard, MA
  • 3rd Place Team 1996 - Harvard, MA
  • 4th Place Team 1997 - Mesa, AZ
  • 4th Place Team 1998 - Mesa, AZ
  • 2nd Place Overall B Class 2001 - Mesa, AZ
  • 2nd Place Women 2001 - Mesa, AZ
  • Top Women Shooter 2002 - Mesa, AZ
  • 1st Place Team (T'n'T Defensive) 2002 - Mesa, AZ
  • 2nd Place Women 2002 - Salt Lake City, UT
  • Top Women Shooter 2002 - Nashua, NH
  • 2nd Place Team (T'n'T Defensive) 2002 - Nashua, NH
  • 2nd Place Team (Phoenix Rod & Gun Club) 2004 - Mesa, AZ
  • Top Women Shooter 2004 - Nashua, NH
  • 9th Place Overall A Class 2004 - Nashua, NH
  • Top Women Shooter 2005 - Salt Lake City, UT
  • 1st Place Major Sub 2005 - Salt Lake City, UT
NH State Pin Shoot - Concord, New Hampshire
  • 1st Place Individual Shotgun category 1995
Participant in many martial arts and shooting competitions


  • National Rifle Association - Member, Instructor
  • Pioneer Sportsmen, Inc. - Life Member
  • Gun Owner's of New Hampshire, Inc. - Member
  • Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association - Member
  • Phoenix Rod & Gun Club - Member
  • Gun Owners of America - Member
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation - Member


  • New Hampshire College, Laconia, New Hampshire Division - completed Math, English and Computer requirements for the MIS Degree Program
  • Lowell University,  (formerly Lowell Technical) Lowell, Massachusetts - Coursework
  • First Aid & CPR certified


  • Guest Speaker - WMVU radio talk show on Women's Self Defense.
  • Keynote Speaker - Women and Defense at the N. H. Mensa Convention.
  • U.S. Senate Candidate - This campaign included numerous speaking engagements for television, radio and many groups such as the local Chamber's of Commerce, League of Women Voters and various schools.
  • Keynote Speaker -Women and Guns in the 90's at Libertarian convention
  • Guest - WBZ-TV Channel 4 Boston for a piece on Women and Guns
  • Guest - Channel 11 Durham, NH for a piece on "Should you own a gun?"
  • Writer - Women & Guns Magazine - January 1996 Issue "The Browning Hi-Power"
  • Appearances in Magazines - Numerous articles about TNT and Kate Alexander Krueger by authors such as Massad Ayoob, Dean Speer and Lynn Bates.

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